How to Remove Carpet Stains – Top 5 Carpet Stains

One of the toughest challenges encountered by homeowners is the proper maintenance of carpet and makes it look new for a considerably longer duration. One of the important aspects is to remove stains from the carpet. 

Here are a Few Ways Using Which You Can Get Rid of 5 Different Types of Stains:

  1. Remove Coffee Stains from Carpet

    If a coffee stain is not treated and removed properly then it gives the carpet a dirty look. Even during the regular carpet cleaning process coffee stains are hard to remove if they remain untreated for many days. To remove the stains cover it with a light shade preferably a white colour towel. This will help to absorb excess spillage so that it will not spread to a larger area. Add vinegar, water, and detergent which do not carry bleaching properties mixture on the stain and rinse properly. You may repeat the process to get the desired results.
  2. Remove Pet Stains from Carpet

    For pet lovers, the most frustrating part is to get rid of pet stains on their rugs and carpets which is generally a time-consuming activity. If the stain has already dried then the best alternative is to moisten such stains. With the help of carpet cleaning products and detergents that are designed for removing pet stains, you can easily remove it.
    The deep cleaning of carpet odor associated with stain will also be removed and you can get your beautiful stain-free carpet back. If you are looking to rinse the carpet it is recommended to use warm water for best results.
  3. Remove Blood Stains from Carpet

    Blood stains are generally hard to remove if not treated as soon as they appear. Blood coagulates with warmth so in case of blood stains always use cold water. Prepare a mixture adding liquid dishwashing detergent and cold water and sprinkle it on the strain. Cover the stain with white paper or towel so that it can absorb the blood from the carpet. Repeat the process until the stain will not be fully removed from the carpet. Ensure proper carpet cleaning after the completion of the process with cold water. You can also use chemical solutions available in the market with the name of Oxi clean which is bleach-free and is perfect for the removal of blood stains from carpet.
  4. Remove Ink Stains from Carpet

    There are ways available that can make your carpet ink stain free. Wet a clean white cloth with isopropyl alcohol and softly put it on the ink stain. After a few minutes remove the cloth and do carpet cleaning in Gosford using a liquid-friendly vacuum to get it dry. You can also use nail polish remover instead of is propy alcohol and carry the same process until the stain will disappear.
  5. Remove Juice Stains from Carpet

    Remove Juice Stains from Carpet

    These can be easily removed during carpet cleaning by spraying a mixture of white vinegar, dish soap, and water. Leave it moist for 5 to 10 minutes and remove the stain by blotting using a white towel. Using this solution you can get stubborn stains also removed with ease.